Our Offer:

Innovation-hungry partners work with us in conjunction with highly-motivated and talented students from across the globe.

As project partner, a question will be jointly developed with us – the so-called Design Challenge. Our students will work on this challenge together with you for one semester to find an user-centered solution and provide new perspectives on your own work.

The results will be presented to you at our Final Presentations and at the end of the semester, you will receive a Final Report with actionable insights and specific suggestions.

How do we ensure the quality of our services?

  1. A complex application and thorough selection process for students.
  2. A high-quality training program by professional consulting firms and academic institutions.
  3. Mentoring programs to review and adhere to binding quality standards.
  4. A thorough review and alignment of our team's expertise with your expectations.
  5. The use of the 180DC international network with its infrastructure and consulting experience.

Our Expertise:

180 Degrees Consulting is able to support your organization with any challenge it is facing. 

We have been helping non-profits and social enterprises since 2014  and developed special expertise in a variety of different areas including:

Development of a fundraising strategy

Increasing and measuring Social Impact

Improvement of branding, marketing and social media strategy

Improvement of the financial sustainability

Improvement of internal business operations

Human resource management and volunteer recruiting

Development of a mission and vision

Improvement of communication processes


and many more...

Past Projects