How does it work?

Every semester we recruit and train around 25 students from various academic backgrounds, who work in diverse, interdisciplinary teams, around 10 hours per week,  with 5 project partners on their real life business challenges. 

We are looking for motivated students who are eager to make a difference!



What makes our branch special?

  1. We follow a deeply user-centered approach in consulting, leveraging Design Thinking methods to structure the semester and run the student projects.
  2. We are a team of international diverse people and our semester is entirely run in English.
  3. Each team will be guided by an experienced coach, who through both critical feedback and inspiration will enable the team to develop valuable solutions for their challenge.
  4. Throughout the semester, we provide tailored trainings to our Student Consultants. These Inputs are led by external experts from various field and cover topics such as: Holistic Organizational Approaches, Qualitative Research Methods, Impact Measurement, Synthesis Tools, Design Thinking, Presentation Skills & Storytelling

Our 4 Phases Approach:

You will set up your team, understand the client and their challenge and begin to identify and prioritize issues.

Deliverable: Research Plan

Duration: 3-4 weeks

You will prepare and conduct research and set up an online storage for the data and findings collected.

Deliverable: Interim Report

Duration: 4-5 weeks

You will share and interpret your findings, identify problems and their roots, and organize them to derive key findings.

Deliverable: attend a 2 days Design Thinking Workshop

Duration: 4 weeks

You will develop concrete recommendations and prepare the final deliverables.


Deliverables: Final Presentation & Final Report

Duration: 4-6 weeks

Why you should get involved:

Make a difference:

Improve the effectiveness of worthwhile organizations


Obtain valuable skills:

Such as: teamwork, problem solving, creative thinking, client management, cross-cultural communication


Gain hands-on work experience: 

Work on real projects with real clients


Experience being a consultant:

Get the chance to know about consulting and experience it first-hand


Get professional trainings:

From the 180 DC Executive Team and our external experts


Solve important challenging problems:

Experience the rewarding feeling of developing solutions to difficult problems


Socialize with like-minded people:

Develop a great network for your future


Get to know the Berlin social  entrepreneurship ecosystem:

Learn about the  works of many great organizations


Our recruitment process:

Phase I Written application: fill out our online form and tell us why you’re interested in joining 180 Degrees Consulting Berlin

Phase II Interview: take part in a couple of team exercises & an interview to get a taste of our consulting experience

Phase III Offer: Congratulations! Start our project cohort full of hands-on learning and social impact!


Your motivation to achieve social impact is higher than the Mount Everest.


You're so curious that, if you have to, you look under every stone.


You love new challenges and have an idea for every problem.


You are also an absolute team player!